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How Your County Clerk’s Office Works for You

As your county clerk I have a duty and responsibility to make the most efficient use of your tax dollars, as possible and to insure that you receive service that is both responsive and courteous.  I try to serve the needs of the people by providing leadership based on a theme of "service".

To do the best job possible I feel you need to know all the benefits you may receive from your County Clerk’s Office, you need to know what we can do for you.

We’re trying to make this County Clerk’s office the best County Clerk’s Office possible.


Onzie Sizemore
Leslie County Clerk
(606) 672-2193 - Office
(606) 672-4264 - Fax
lesliecountyclerk@tds.net or Onzie.Sizemore@ky.gov

Jennifer Livingston, Deputy Clerk
Vehicle Registrations

Wendy Hornsby
, Deputy Clerk
Recordings, Vehicle Registration and Delinquent Tax

Andrea Pugh, Deputy Clerk
Chattles and Vehicle Registrations

Kristy Mitchell, Deputy Clerk
Voter Registration, elections and vehicle registrations​.

About Us