Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are issued in the County Clerk's office. Both parties must appear together. The license is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance and the licens​e fee is non-refundable. The license must be used within the State of Kentucky.

Requirements, (KRS 402.210)

Requirements for issuance of a marriage license. 

  • You must be 18 years of age to be married in Kentucky without parental consent.  The license shall be issued by the clerk of the county in which the female resides at the time, unless the female is eighteen (18) years of age or over, or a widow, and the license is issued on her application in person, in which case it may be issued by any county clerk.
  • Both parties must be present for a marriage license to be issued, and 
  • Provide to the co​​​unty clerk documentary proof of age in the form of· 

  • A copy of a birth record;
  • A certification of birth issued by the state department of health, a local registrar of vital statistics, or other public office charged with similar duties by the laws of another state, territory, or country;
  • A baptismal record showing the individual's date of birth; 
  • A passport;
  • An automobile driver's license:
  • Any government or school issued identification card showing the individual's date of birth;
  • An immigration record showing the individual's date of birth; 
  • A naturalization record showing the individual's date of birth; or 
  • A court record or any other document or record issued by a government entity showing the individual's date of birth. 

  • If either of the parties is under seventeen (17) years of age, no license shall be issued. 
  • If either of the parties is seventeen (17) years of age, a marriage license shall not be issued unless: 
    • The party who is seventeen (17) years of age presents to the clerk a certified copy of a court order by a family court or District Court Judge that grants the party permission to marry and removes the party's disability of minority, as provided in Section 7 of this Act, and 
    • Al least fifteen (15) days have elapsed since the court order was granted.

Prohibited Marriages, (KRS 402.020 and 402.010)

    • With a person who has been adjudged mentally disabled by a court of competent jurisdiction
    • Where there is a husband or Wife living, from whom the person marrying has not been divorced
    • When not solemnized or contracted in the presence of an authonzed person or society​​
    • Between more than two (2) persons
    • Except as provided in KRS 402 210 W1th a person who at the time of marriage is under eighteen (18) years of age.
This section shall not apply to a lawful marriage entered into in the Commonwealth of Kentucky prior to July 14, 2018, or to a lawful marriage in another state or country prior to the parties' residence In the Commonwealth of Kentucky Per KRS 402 205. If one or both parties are under 18, but at least 17 years of age, they must have an order from the Family Court or District Court allowing the marriage between 1 or both parties seventeen (17) years of age. (See KRS 402.205 for procedure) 
    • KRS 402.010 states that no marriage shall be contracted between persons who are nearer of kin to each other by consanguinity, whether of the whole or half-blood than second cousins.

Persons Present, (KRS 402.050)
 The following persons must be present at the marriage ceremony:
  • ​​​​The person qualified to solemnize the marriage: . 
    • Ministers of the gospel or priests of any denomination in regular communion with any religious society; 
    • Justices and judges of the Court of Justice retired justices and judges of the Court of Justice except those removed for cause or convicted of a felony, 
    • County Judges/executive, and 
    • Such justices of the peace and fiscal court commissioners as the Governor or the county judge executive authorizes; or 
    • [An officiant of] a religious society that has no officiating minister or priest and whose usage is to solemnize marriage at the usual place of worship and by consent given in the presence of the society if either party belongs to the society. 

  • Witnesses: (2) At least two (2) persons. in addition - to the parties and the person solemnizing the marriage shall be present at every marriage


    No waiting period or blood test is required prior to issuance of a marriage license. In Kentucky, both parties must be present to sign & swear to the information on the application.

    Information Required:

      • Name and Address
      • Date of Birth and Current Age
      • Place of Birth (provide name of county, city and state)
      • Father's Name
      • Mother's First and Maiden Name
      • Current Status of the Parties (Single, Divorced, Annulled, Widowed)
      • Number of previous marriages of the Parties
      • Occupations of the Parties
      • Race of the Parties
      • Whether the Parties are related (First & Second cousins are NOT permitted to marry in Kentucky)
      • Date of Marriage

    You may view and print a copy of the marriage application and complete prior to coming to the clerk's office.  Application must be signed & sworn before the county clerk issuing the license.

    Filing Fees:

    Marriage Licenses